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My Writing Life

"The Rosie Way to Better Bridge"

Book 1

Absolute Beginners


Advanced Beginners

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Book 1 - Absolute Beginners

The book is intended for new players who have taken some lessons or played bridge way back when. It is a collection of my lesson handouts and each lesson has a quiz with answers so you can test your knowledge.

Lessons include, 5 Card Majors, 1 Notrump Forcing, Notrump Openers, Transfers, Stayman, Minor Suit Openers, Weak 2 Bids, Strong 2 Club, Takeout Doubles, Overcalls, Michaels, Unusual 2NT, Negative Doubles, Signals, Finesse, How to Play Notrump,

 How to Play a Suit Contract, Basic Defense.


Book 2 - Advanced Beginners

This book is intended for players who have completed a course of basic bridge instruction. As in Book 1, every lesson has a comprehensive quiz designed not just to give answers but to encourage the correct thought process.

Lesson topics cover: 1NT Forcing and the 2/1 system, Limit Raises, both Direct and Indirect, 1NT Forcing with a bad hand, long suit, 1NT Forcing with a balanced invitational hand and no fit, 2/1 inferences and handling competition, Introduction to Defense (Leads and Signals), How to Count when Defending, Second Hand Low (but not always), Third Hand High (but just high enough), Counting Winners and Losers and Making a Plan, Forcing Bids, Balancing, Hand Evaluation.


Here's what people are saying:

"The BEST book for Beginners I have ever seen"

Lynda S ACBL Teacher

"It's so well-organized. I can find everything very easily."

Maris G

"I just love the sample bidding sequences and explanations." Norma S

"This book is a MUST for newer players. Each quiz and accompanying answers sets out the logical thought process by which one arrives at the correct contract."

Bernie R ACBL Accredited Teacher

"This is wonderful! When is the Advanced book coming out?"

Carol P

" I love the quizzes" Vincent D

"I'm pleased to see she recommends teaching 2/1 game forcing,

even to new players."

Larry Cohen

"Teaching Bridge on Cruise Ships" 

I am delighted to announce that Masterpoint Press published my book in 2012. It is intended for bridge players and teachers who want to discover the wonderful world of teaching bridge on luxury cruise ships. The book is available from

I am currently working on a collection of humorous anecdotes about bridge.

I recently started a blog which has nothing to do with bridge. It's about my early travel experiences. One day I will catch up to my present life but right now I am back in the distant past, traveling on a shoestring budget in the late sixties. You can find this travel blog at:

You can read about my more recent travels at:

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