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Welcome. If this is your first visit to my website, I hope you enjoy reading my stories. I started this website when I was traveling the world, teaching on ships. Now I prefer to teach and play at the Fort Lauderdale Bridge Club. I am committed to ensuring that Beginner players receive a good education in the basics of the game, that the club offers Supervised Play and Beginner games, that the club encourages progress to more advanced games and the attainment of the big prize - Life Master status.

The first time I played bridge at a duplicate club was back in January 1990. My partner, Fred, would pick me up on Wednesday evenings and take me to the bridge club. I had no idea what I was doing, but Fred was a very attractive man, so I stuck to it. I prayed that I would be dealt hands with no points and that I could Pass all evening.

There were no novice games, no lessons, but after six months Fred and I scratched and received 0.04 masterpoints. We were given a little piece of paper with our masterpoint award written on it, told to collect them and when we reached 5 we should send them in to ACBL. Those were the most precious scraps of paper in my home.

With the advent of computers in daily life, we no longer have to collect those masterpoint award notices. ACBL does a wonderful job of recording and accumulating our masterpoint totals. It's such fun to aim for and achieve each subsequent goal in the ranking hierarchy.

Now that I live in Florida, I have the opportunity to play against several of the top pros who have made Florida their home. At present, I have a regular play-date with Neil Silverman, a World Champion who has represented the USA in international bridge competition.

Visit this site regularly to read about amusing incidents at the bridge table and some of the conventions we cannot live without. Click on True Tales from the Table in the top left hand corner of this page to read about a couple of deals that came up in my last session with Neil.

Wherever in the world you are, and whatever system you play, I wish you good luck at the table, and may all your slams be grand.

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